In Memory of Kolton Kyle Tkachuk

May 19th, 2004 - May 23rd, 2007

This memorial website is dedicated to our son Kolton and the precious time we had with him on this earth. Kolton has touched and impacted many lives and he will continue to do so. The passing of our son has been a life changing shock for our family and created great sadness among people throughout the community.

Thank you to our friends, family and community for your support over the last year as we approach his first memorial in May. We would not have survived without your love, prayers and support. Thank you God and Kolton for giving us strength.

This website has recently been created and will continue to evolve over time as a way for family and friends to honour Kolton. It will help us to remember the joy he brought to so many of us, explain his tragedy, our families grieving process and the promises we made our son a few minutes before he passed into heaven.

Recently the Kolton Tkachuk Memorial Fund was created in response from people asking us how they could help out with our promises to our son. The goal of the fund is to create awareness about garage door safety and other steps we are taking to help reduce and/or eliminate all deaths of children from garage doors. We thank you for your support and donations.